Bookateria Two

Bookateria Two is the place to go for discount books in the Ocean City area. If you’re looking for a good read to bring with you to the beach in the summer, or something to cozy up with by the fireplace in the winter, Bookateria Two is open and will most likely have what you are looking for. And if they don’t, they can special-order it for you.

“You can come in and buy used paperbacks for half the original price,” says owner Wood Robinson, “or if you trade in other paperbacks, you can get them for $1.87 each.”

Bookateria Two opened in 1976 after Robinson had graduated college and found himself in-between jobs. A friend of his, who owned a bookshop in Delaware, suggested Robinson open his own store. “I’ve always liked books,” says Robinson, “I just never imagined that I’d own a bookstore.”

Owner Wood Robinson

“At the time, my girlfriend – who’s now my wife – was coming down to Ocean City to work, so I figured I’d open a place.”

On the state of his business, Robinson says, “When the economy is bad, people come more to places like this where they can save more money. I’m not selling as many new books as I used to, but I’m doing fine.”

“In the summers, it’s unbelievably hectic,” says Robinson. “In the winters I work only a few hours to get my sanity back for the summers.”

Robinson, who is originally from Pennsylvania, has been a local resident since opening up the shop. “I started it and it worked.”

“The great thing about owning your own business is that you’re your own boss. You can decide if you want to be here early and if you want to be here late. But that usually means you’ll be here early and you’ll be here late,” jokes Robinson.

“I like setting my own hours. Granted, it is a lot of hours – but that’s the sacrifice.”

Bookateria Two is located at 1050 Asbury ave in Ocean City, NJ. Their phone number is 609-398-0121.

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  1. I really like this post. I live right outside OC and work in OC during the summer and this post makes me want to check out this store!

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